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Inhouse Navigation

Whether for your own employees, external service providers or customers and visitors of your company - our innovative in-house navigation solution onPoint is guaranteed to always find the fastest and shortest way to your destination - and not just in individual buildings:
The highly scalable and flexible structure of onPoint makes it the ideal solution for entire building complexes such as universities, airports, exhibition centres and even cruise ships.
Navigation / Procedure

How does onPoint work?

Determine position

1. Determine position

onPoint combines various methods, such as W-LAN and Bluetooth positioning, as well as GPS and proprietary sensor technology, to determine the user's position on your site as accurately as possible. Due to the flexible structure of the system, you are completely free to decide which of the methods should be used in your company.

2. calculate route

The powerful algorithm enables onPoint to always determine the fastest and shortest route to the destination. Special user requirements such as accessibility, accessibility with vehicles or covered paths in bad weather are also taken into account.
calculate route
Let's go!

3. Let's go!

Our interactive web interface always shows the user the way to his destination comfortably and clearly. onPoint uses existing map material, satellite images, direction arrows, as well as text displays and acoustic instructions in different languages for the display of the route - flexibly configurable and according to your wishes.
Navigation / Features

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During the development of onPoint , we paid special attention to accessibility: With voice output in various languages and navigation options such as "wheelchair navigation" or "avoid lifts", every building is open to people with physical disabilities. For users without smartphones, there is the option of integrating navigation via fixed terminals at neuralgic points.


Thanks to the efficient algorithm developed by us, the optimised data management and the possibility to integrate already existing W-LAN access points into the system, onPoint scales easily from a one-building solution to the management of an entire company or exhibition centre.
Navigation / Security

Privacy & Hosting

Data protection

Data protection

Data protection is a top priority at onPoint . Therefore, we only collect data that is absolutely necessary for the operation of the system - and store and transmit this data only anonymously and encrypted according to the latest standards.


Hosting at abstract void

Hosting at abstract void

We are happy to take over the data storage and administration of onPoint for you: With our powerful and optimized servers we offer best performance as well as personal consulting and support.
local hosting

local hosting

Would you prefer to store and manage the data directly in your in-house infrastructure? Thanks to the flexible architecture of onPoint this is no problem either! We would be happy to advise you personally on the hardware and software requirements and guide you step by step through the integration process.
Navigation / Contact

Please contact us

Our team will be happy to make you an individual offer at any time or to advise you in a non-binding conversation about the chances and possibilities that onPoint an offer your company.